As first-time home buyers you want to be well-informed, educated and guided to a home purchase that suits your lifestyle. At More Than Enough we can guide you, as a trusted resource, and walk you through the process.

The purchase of your first home needs to be strategic. The equity you build in your first home will carry into the purchase of your second and third homes. If you do it right, this can lead you to be mortgage free faster than you think.

It’s a snowball.

Overbuying your first home can make you stretched financially for the rest of your life and leave you with a diminishing return and more debt.

At More Than Enough, we want to educate and guide you so that you have a snowball that grows. We want to help you establish a bigger financial picture that is crucial in projecting your life line.

Projecting your life line – having a financial plan for the future – will only help you in the long term.

Incentives for First Time Home Buyers

There are special and often-changing incentives available to first time home buyers.

More Than Enough keeps current information readily available for anyone buying a house for the first time.

Come in and see what is available for you.