Facts you need to know

  • 80 per cent of people re-sign with their existing mortgage institution
  • financial institutions frequently send mortgage renewals with a higher interest rate than the norm, in hopes clients will send them back signed and committed without looking into better rates

Explore your options

At More Than Enough, we help you explore all your options.

We look at your overall picture and create a strategy in your best interest.

Issues we consider:

  • Should the amortization of your mortgage be shortened?
  • Should you switch your mortgage to another financial institution?
  • Should you keep the payments the same, even though you have a lower rate, so you can pay off your mortgage quicker?

Renewal Strategy

When looking at your renewal, your current financial reality needs to be considered and a plan created that anticipates your future and desired outcomes.

Then, we fit all these puzzle pieces together to create a picture that brings life to you instead of one that keeps you in the wilderness.