Normal is:

  • broke
  • 163 per cent of household income in debt
  • refinancing your home two and a half times
  • spending $400,000 in interest in your lifetime

Part of our strategy is to help you walk away from these statistics, get rid of your mortgage and live in freedom.
Your mortgage is likely to be the most expensive investment of your life, and if you don’t do that well and find one that suits your lifestyle, the rest of your life may be in financial chaos.

The Big Rocks Analogy

At More Than Enough, we like to use the big rocks analogy. We consider your mortgage to be one of the big rocks in your life. If you put gravel, sand and water in the mason jar first, you won’t have room for the big rocks later. The big rocks go in first. In other words, if you don’t carefully consider what is most important in your life, including your mortgage and financial situation, and place that as priority, other commitments will fill up your life jar, and you may find yourself scrambling to pull your financial life together.

A mortgage is a big rock in your life. Do it first. Do it well. You can do that with our help.

Determine the life you want to live and lead and find the house that fits into that, instead of buying a home and trying to squeeze your life out of it.

Walking through the mortgage process can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. But at MTE, we walk with you, educate you and encourage you to make the best financial decisions for the present and the future. You are not alone.

We start with an initial consultation that includes:

  1. exploring short term and long term financial goals
  2. developing a practical spending plan for you and your family
  3. gaining a clear sense of home expenses, alongside your mortgage

At More Than Enough we focus on you first.

  • Who you are.
  • What is important to you.
  • What life you want to lead now and in the future.

At More Than Enough, we ask thought provoking questions that get you thinking about your long term goals, and help formulate a plan that works with those goals.

Following the initial consultation, we look at over 30 lenders, finding the one that best suits your needs, then create a mortgage strategy and product that will best serve you and your future plans.

With that in place, we seek lender approval, present it to you and the papers are signed.

Looking to the future

Once your mortgage is complete, the journey does not end there. And that’s the difference between MTE and other lending institutions. We are not sales people but advocates working on behalf of your best interests.

Working on your behalf

The council you receive at More Than Enough goes on and on. We are just a phone call away and whenever you need to talk, we are still here engaged and available to guide you as it relates to your mortgage and your financial life. This relationship is part of your equipping, freeing you to reach your financial and life goals. You will be empowered to make sound financial decisions again and again.

What you can do:

Your first step is to call our office, fill out our online application, and we will advise you on what documentation you need for our initial, face-to-face consultation.