It was a day I won’t ever forget.

April 3, 2010 was a day I was called out to submit and serve our loving God in a way I had not yet done. I was seeking God for guidance on how, as His son and as a businessman, I was to pursue His Kingdom.

His answer came simply.

“Doing Business With God.”


Doing Business With God came to me as a strong encouragement to submit to a personal relationship with God in every area of my life.

You may be saying, “is that it”?

Yes. It is that simple.

Men and women of God throughout the Bible pursued God in a personal way. I kept thinking about Elijah who knew God, focused on God, and lived in relationship with a very real, living, caring God. He was a man who gave His problems to God and sought guidance 24/7.

A Great Leadership Principal

So, off I went with this notion of DBWG in my personal life and in my business practices, learning to submit and get out of the way, so that God – the best management guru ever – could have His way.


What I began to learn:

  1. Working with God – As I was thinking about this notion, I kept assuring myself that God does not call us to work for Him but with Him. That way of doing business guarantees our success because it is how God defines success.
  2. God is the One true constant – I began to learn that relying on God alone was the best way to live and to practise business. I was not to rely on the things of this world.


As I journeyed, I realized this was going to be harder than I thought.


There were a number of intentional steps I took to keep on the path of submitting all things to God so I would keep learning about DBWG.


  1. I encouraged myself with self-talk about not fearing this walk with God. I knew I needed to embrace it and not fear it, and all the while, focus on loving others.
  2. I started prayerfully living out my convictions in everyday life and trusting God for the results. I wanted to be strong in my faith and do what God says. I knew that would keep me one step ahead of temptation.
  3. I decided to intentionally humble myself before God and not rest on past accomplishments or my reputation.

In submitting to this personal relationship, I knew I would experience blessings from God, especially hope and joy. I started to become a joyful user of what God had given me. I realized that showing up the right way for God was so important. I needed to live my dream with God – to honour Him in everything I was doing.


Tougher than I thought

Okay, this was way tougher than I thought it was going to be. I knew I couldn’t be doing business God’s way by relying on my own abilities and going it alone. I knew my imperfections, but I started to invite God not only into my work, but to work within me. He was now in the driver’s seat.


As I focused on Him, and as He guided me each day, I was brought to my knees about:

  •         materialism
  •         how I listened to God
  •         thanking God for taking on my issues and providing the intervention
  •         basing life on God and not circumstances
  •         taking every opportunity to learn


Doing Business With God is a life journey that is teaching me how to submit to God, subjecting my will to His, while serving and meeting the needs of others.


Check out my next blog for what Doing Business With God means for you!


Bron Vasic is a Chartered Accountant and Certified Management Consultant. For over 30 years, he has been providing business leaders with the leadership and management knowledge to help them find a better way to balance their business challenges. Bron is also a More Than Enough financial coach. To learn more about Bron visit To talk with Bron, call the More than Enough office and book an appointment.