Happy Canada Day!

This week Conservative MP and National Caucus Chair David Sweet joins Dave and Reb on “Let’s Talk Money with Dave and Reb” to talk about God’s faithfulness to Canada as we celebrate her 150th birthday. Their conversation also touches on the Canadian family, and the financial challenges they are facing.

While Sweet has “grave concerns” around Alberta and Canada’s energy sector, the personal debt of Canadians, and the challenges of global and economic competitiveness, he also has a lot of hope for Canada.

“I just have great faith in the freedom we enjoy and the innovation, and just the smarts that we have in the Canadian population.” he told Dave and Reb.

“I have great faith in Canadians. The hardworking average Canadians are in families that are working hard trying to be innovative, thinking of good and new ideas to do things. We have all kinds of examples in the constituencies I represent, where people have come up with great ideas, taking them from the research bench to the shop floor, and have created businesses that years ago weren’t even around,” Sweet said.

To hear more of their discussion, and to hear Sweet’s perspective on where we stand, and where we are headed, tune into this week’s show.