The Why and How of Debt: Filling the Void

The search for happiness. The search for fulfillment. Whatever you want to call it, we all pursue something to bring satisfaction, long life and fulfillment to our journey here on earth. The messaging of the world’s system tries to convince us every day that we need more stuff or more vacations to fill the void. This pursuit might lead us into debt if we are not careful.

On “Let’s Talk Money” this week, Dave and Reb talk with Compass Canada’s Ray Borg. Together, they dig into these issues, alongside Psalm 34 which tells us to “taste and see the Lord is good”. God tells us in His Word that pursuing and seeking peace, refraining from evil and seeking after Him are all a part of finding true fulfillment and life itself.

As Pastor Ray says, that isn’t always an easy pursuit when we are constantly distracted: “It can be a challenge continually having to choose between what can lead us away from God, and what can lead us to God.”

Rebecca adds that God is faithful in always leading us back to Himself because He knows what we are created to be: “In His presence we can uncover what we have forgotten about who we are and about who He is, and that leads to fulfillment, and ultimately away from debt.”

This week’s program is part three of the four-week series called the “Why and How of Debt”. Tune in and discover more about filling the void in your life with the love of God.