The Why and How of Debt: Debt is not an Option

Debt is not an option.
On this week’s radio show, Dave and Reb look at what debt really is, according to the Word of God. Dave says debt is not a sin, but God clearly tells us it is a burden, and we should avoid it at all costs.

In fact, God says in Proverbs 6 that we should flee from it, like a like a deer from the hunter and a bird from the trapper. He also tells us in the New Testament that we should owe no one anything, but love. Sometimes our financial debt, or should I say “often” our financial debt, keeps us from loving our neighbour. We are consumed by worry and the weight of it, so we don’t see the needs around us. Our hands are tied behind our backs, and we cannot help provide for our neighbour because of our debt.

God doesn’t want us to live with that burden, and he wants us to love others and help those in need. Walking financially free relieves us of that stress and worry, but it also releases us to freely give away what God provides.

Listen to this show that concludes the four-part series on “The Why and How of Debt”.