Getting Financially Aware

Dave and Reb draw on God’s Word, and stories from the Lord of the Rings to encourage listeners on their financial journeys in today’s show. Ray Borg from Compass Canada join them and share special verses that have impacted his financial story.

Together they look at how scriptures light the way to encourage us, and keep us in the truth when we are dealing with our day-to-day finances. Psalm 24, Isaiah 55 and Matthew 6 are key verses that encourage us to see that God is our source, that He is the only One that meets our heart needs, and that His Kingdom is one we can seek after.

On our day-to-day journey, God encourages us to remember who we are and who He is, and to look to heaven to find His help in our times of need. Reb says that even when we are sleepless in the night and worried, He is up with us and watching over us.

“Our hope is the resurrection and life of Jesus, and His promises of salvation and redemption run through every story of our lives, including our finances,” she says. “God is our source for everything, not money.

Getting financially aware is key to getting ahold of our money. Starting with Scripture and God’s direction is key, but so also is looking at where our money is going. Tracking money for 30 days is one way to raise financial awareness. And if you don’t know how much interest you are paying, or how much interest you are comfortable paying, researching this part of your finances and debt load is also important.

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