Becoming a Gospel Patron

Many Christians have heard the names of John Newton, George Whitefield, and William Tyndale. However, not many have heard of the people or financial support behind these names.

In his book Gospel Patrons, John Rinehart unfolds the stories of the men and women who supported these great men of faith so they could fulfill the call of God on their lives. On this week’s “Let’s Talk Money” broadcast, Dave and Reb interview Rinehart to learn of his own story, and his journey to discover the importance of “gospel patrons” in the Kingdom of God.

Rinehart says that a gospel patron is someone who is generously involved and personally engaged in spreading the gospel. (see

“When God raises up people to proclaim the gospel, he also raises up patrons to support them. They have different gifts and different roles, but they are partners in the same mission,” he says.

Newton, Whitefield and Tyndale each had a gospel patron that not only gave financial support, but spiritual support that included their own involvement in spreading the gospel. For instance, businessman Humphrey Monmouth not only fed and clothed Tyndale while he translated the Bible into English, but he ended up smuggling the Bibles into England as well.

Rinehart shares these stories and more on this week’s show in the hopes that men and women today will become patrons of the gospel of Christ.