Get Gripped!

Whatever grips us, drives us. The key to changing the world is being gripped by eternal principles which inspire us to live beyond our current reality.

Business people and entrepreneurs sometimes feel they only go to work, but John Rinehart wants each of us to recognized our ability and potential to use our jobs to fuel our calling as a gospel patron.

In part two of this series on Gospel Patrons with guest author John Rinehart, Dave and Reb continue a conversation about the ministry of gospel patrons which demonstrates how the church can embrace the concept of a gospel patron even in our modern world.

Each person has the DNA of the God who designed them, a God who is passionate about generosity. At the heart of the impact on every life is giving. The people who have impacted your life the most are those who have given you their time, money, resources and experiences. John Rinehart asks the question “How do we become the kind of people God uses to change the world?” At the heart of his answer is becoming an individual, community and world which is motivated by giving rather than taking.

On his website there are videos, books and other resources outlining modern day gospel patrons and where you can download the pdf version or audio book of Gospel Patrons.