A Life Impacted by Gospel Patrons

David Beking from Beking’s Poultry Farm located just outside of Ottawa, joins Dave and Reb on “Let’s Talk Money” this week. But they aren’t just talking eggs.

In fact, they are continuing a conversation that began with Gospel Patrons author John Rinehart over the past two weeks. This book had such an impact on Beking’s life that he changed how he lived. A part of his journey in generosity was becoming a gospel patron of a friend in Africa.

Beking learned that furthering the good news of God’s Kingdom is not simply accomplished through “missionaries” but through people like himself who can provide financial support for those who are sent out. However, he also realized there is much more to being a gospel patron than simply giving money. Personal involvem

ent and relational investment is also a part of the journey.

In this week’s show, Beking shares how God’s Scriptures and the stories from Rinehart’s book continue to impact his walk with God, and how he gives. Tune in and listen.