Nuts and Bolts of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and insolvency can be a tricky topic surrounded by misconceptions. On “Let’s Talk Money”, Dave and Reb discuss the nuts and bolts of the issues with Debbie Doyle from Ottawa’s Doyle Salewski Inc. She has been in the business for many decades and has years of experience in helping people walk the journey of bankruptcy – a journey many people never imagined they would walk.

Together they look at the difference between consumer proposals and bankruptcy, and they also look at the importance of getting ahold of your finances, no matter where you stand.

Debbie Doyle shares that people don’t set out at the beginning of their lives to go bankrupt. She says that very few people go through the bankruptcy process because they are trying to cheat the system. Most people are hurting, and need a helping hand to start again.

“I am glad that people come to More Than Enough, and to you David, to get financial coaching,” she says, adding that coaching and accountability keep people from getting into deeper financial trouble.

She tells Dave and Reb that the process is based in God’s word. It is a process of restoration and redemption – a process God undertakes in our lives daily.

To hear more of their conversation, tune in and listen.