Difficulties and Shame of Bankruptcy

In the second part of this series on bankruptcy, Dave and Reb continue their conversation with Debbie Doyle from Doyle Salewski Inc. This week they touch on the heart issues around this difficult subject. As in many stories of debt and bankruptcy, shame and embarrassment are part of the journey.

Many people come into her offices, and the offices at More Than Enough, filled with shame over their debt load. Both Debbie, and Dave and Reb, have hearts to help lift off this shame, and the disgrace people are carrying.

It is important to face financial reality, but shame and embarrassment just keep the story hidden.

In quoting shame researcher Brene Brown, Dave and Reb share with the listeners what shame looks like: “Shame says I am bad and is a focus on self, where we hold secrets, stay in silence and self-judgment.”

Debbie wants everyone in difficult positions to know that it is critical to get help, and not let shame keep you hidden. While all three admit, there are societal stigmas attached to bankruptcy, finding someone to talk to and walk through options is very important.

“You need to know you are not alone, and there are people who bring empathy and compassion to your difficult journey, and the decisions you need to make,” Dave says.

Tune in to the show to hear this heart-felt discussion.