Finding Veteran’s Rest

At this time every year, Canadians turn their hearts to remembering and honouring military veterans and personnel who have fought, and continue to fight and protect our nation, communities, neighbourhoods and families. Every year we pause and reflect on November 11, our nation’s Remembrance Day.

This week on Let’s Talk Money, Dave and Reb talk with financial advisor and military veteran Fred Brogan who has had a vast array of experience in Cyprus, Syria and El Salvador. He spent 20 years serving our country, but then as an injured soldier transitioned into serving and helping people within the financial industry.

He shares about his transition, and the “journey of learning” he walked, as God led him into a place of trust and surrender, both with his life and his finances.

Now, after decades of working in Eastern Ontario, Fred is creating a sanctuary for veterans just outside Ottawa’s city centre in the Osgoode area. Veteran’s Rest is a place for men and women to come and relax, be refreshed and find restoration while experiencing nature in a number of ways.

He shares his journey and his plans for Veteran’s Rest on this week’s show, and encourages people to stop and say “thank you” not only to veterans and current military personnel, but also to first responders who serve our Canadian community every day.

Tune in and listen.