My wife and I were feeling very overwhelmed with all that was in front of us in terms of our yard work. There were many factors that put us behind the “eight-ball” so to speak. After much discussion and knowing what we could do and not do from a time perspective, we made a key decision: we needed to ask for help to get back on track with that project. Consequently, we found a wonderful gentleman who helped get us to where we wanted to be as proud property owners. It was so worth it and yes, a little bit of money well spent.

With winter around the corner, we here in Canada get our houses in the right state to withstand the winter chill. We do what needs to be done outside in the garden, to prepare. Many hands make light work and it always amazes me when you can experience the amount of work that can be done in just two hours. Focus and working together can make such an impact!

It’s the same with our taxes

So, we need to take the same opportunity to prepare our hearts and minds around the things that we need to do as we prepare for another tax season and all that goes with that. Yes, you do know what you need to do.

I know that it is another project but always an important one. So this blog is an encouragement to all of you who may hate the season that is coming in a few months, because you have negative feelings about anything financial, including income taxes.

Just please remember that many tax specialists, and those of us at More Than Enough Financial Fitness, are here to help you. It all starts with a conversation about 2017.

What to Do?

Talking about your taxes and how to prepare is very important. You need to consider what new things have changed in your life that could affect your taxes.
Don’t make assumptions about what matters and what doesn’t matter. As you have heard, Canada Revenue Agency has proposed many changes, (most did not see the light of day or see this coming) and we, at More Than Enough, can help you assess these changes, as well as the impact, if any, they may have on you and your family.
If you fear anything about “financial management” we want you to know that we are here for you, to walk with you and help you take a proactive approach to putting things in order. We come alongside you and give you a chance to prepare for the “Season”.

The Elephant in the Room

We want you to have a change of heart and mind about the elephant in the room: income taxes. So, my strongest encouragement to you is to start thinking about this upcoming season, and start talking and preparing.
Just as we know that seasons change from fall to winter, from winter to spring, from spring to summer, and from summer to fall, we know that tax season in Canada also comes with regular occurrence.

Remember that you are not alone in this. The year is winding down, and it is time to get ready for another tax season! But let’s do this together. At More Than Enough, we would love to help you. Let’s tackle that elephant in the room together!