Getting Ready for Tax Time with Bron Vasic!

Bron Vasic, entrepreneurial coach and tax specialist at More Than Enough Financial Fitness, joins Dave and Reb in talking about the upcoming income tax season for 2018.

Many people aren’t comfortable talking about taxes, but together these financial coaches tackle practical tools that can be used to take the fear out of the tax season. Many people don’t file their taxes, even though it is something required by the Canadian government.

Dave and Bron agree there are many reasons people won’t prepare their income taxes in the spring, among them are fear, lack of knowledge, and the simple inability or desire to look at their personal finances.

There are tools however that can help, and some of them are quite simple. Bron reminds listeners they can start by opening their Canada Revenue Agency mail. It is easy and important to do.

He also suggests putting all tax receipts in one place and in one envelope, so that you are not scrambling every spring during tax time. Making sure you are educated about the changes in tax requirements is also important. To learn how to walk away from your fears regarding the “tax man”, tune in.