The Hierarchy of Spiritual Giving

When we consider giving to charity or tithing to the church, we can naturally put giving on a graded-scale: some giving, we silently decide, is more appropriate, more important or simply of “better value” in the eyes of God than others.

But on this week’s radio show, Dave and Reb, along with financial advisor Tim Jenkins, debunk this idea and look to the heart of generosity and giving and what it means to give, and be a “giver”.

“Sometimes we can feel self-righteous when it comes to our giving,” Dave says. “But we need to be careful.”

The greatest question around giving is not about a percentage, but rather “Father, what do you want me to do with Your money?” This question involves relationship with God on an intimate daily basis, and also involves our understanding of Biblical Stewardship and how we are managers of God’s resources.

“When we start to understand giving from that perspective – that God knows how he wants to give and share what He has – we will stop ‘rating’ or giving a hierarchy to spiritual giving,” Reb says.

Tim reminds us on the show that the benefits of not living under this hierarchy of giving, but living with an understanding of Biblical Stewardship, allows us:
greater intimacy with God,
a life of growing faith and dependence on God,
and the freedom and enjoyment of giving His resources, thus celebrating with God what He is doing and wants to do in the lives of others.

Tune in to hear this interesting discussion.