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MTE’s financial coaching is vital for people bogged down in bad habits and for couples who see finances differently (whether those differences are real or due to defensive attitudes built up over time). A teaching series may help, but you won’t implement what you learned without a coach because interference, discouragement, conflict and confusion will knock you off track.


Pittsburgh, PA

Our lives were turned upside down when one of our five children was diagnosed with cancer. Our perspective, values and lifestyle immediately changed. Listening to the More Than Enough program has helped validate our spiritual and financial beliefs. Rebecca and Dave offer spiritual confirmation that God is in control and will provide. In a world of bigger, better, more, it’s refreshing to listen to a program that advocates financial freedom while reminding us that all we possess is the Lord’s. Matthew 6:21


Mountain, ON

I attended the More Than Enough seminar on money and purpose. I had been doing quite well staying on top of my finances but it just wasn’t enough. Dave and Rebecca gave me the next step by connecting my financial journey to my life purpose. This is exactly the encouragement and advice I needed at this time as I take the next step into my purpose and knowing it will require some carefulfinancial steps along the way.


Ottawa, ON

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