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Financial Fitness Seminar

With this workshop, you will discover simple, practical, little known secrets to move from debt to thriving. This workshop offers a guide to tackling debt using both Biblical and practical tools.

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Communication Workshop

This workshop outlines practical communication tools for couples and offers practical tips as couples navigate the difficult subject of finances. By communicating about finances, unity is created and flows into our families, churches, and communities.

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Purpose Workshop

How does knowing your purpose impact your finances? The answer may be surprising, but without a purpose our finances suffer. This workshop explores rethinking your purpose and your finances.

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Commitment Workshop

What will the journey cost? This workshop explores the cost of commitment and what it will take for us to move from debt to hope, and from bondage to freedom.

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Youth Seminar

Financial education begins from a young age, whether it is explicit or not! Dave and his daughter Mercedes combine their expertise to talk to youth of all ages about the struggles they are facing or will face, bringing a fresh perspective to this sometimes dry conversation.

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The Fallacy of Financial Independence

By Tim Jenkins I believe financial independence is impossible. Though most people pursue it; I certainly did in my early years of business. However, I now believe something better is possible. Financial independence is heavily promoted by the financial industry.... read more

The Myth of Earning Your Rest Pt 2

At our More Than Enough office, we often hear ourselves, and our clients, slip into some verbal language that envelops a whole belief system of entitlement. I deserve. I have the right to. I earned it.   What is Good I work hard and so do you. I earn what I have.... read more

The Myth of Earning Your Rest Pt 1

My girlfriend was heading to the cottage recently located on a very quiet and beautiful lake just past Perth. I had been there on a previous trip so I knew her destination well. I wasn’t jealous, but I was looking to the distant future when I could be “off and away”... read more

Trusting the Ripcord

More Than Enough Financial coach and mortgage agent David van Noppen took a leap recently that sent him free-falling from 9000 feet above the earth. After falling from the plane for 30 seconds, his tandem partner pulled the ripcord, opening the parachute. Within... read more

Back to School Tips for University Students

As a student, August always seems to surprise me! Preparing for the new school year can be both daunting and exciting, especially for university students as we see our tuition costs climbing. Here are some of the things I do to prepare which makes the school year run... read more

Debt is Not an Option

So what’s the point? The point of getting out of debt? We have spent four weeks talking about the “Why and How of Debt” on “Let’s Talk Money with Dave and Reb”, and I sit here wondering if debt is something that we really understand. It strips us of freedom, burdens... read more

Dominion from Sea to Sea

Dominion from sea to sea It’s our Canadian motto. From sea to sea is inscribed in the stonework of Parliament Hill – A Mari usque ad Mare – a reminder of the vastness of our nation, a reminder of the words of God that inspired that motto, and a reminder... read more