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What you’ll learn at the seminar

With this workshop, you will discover simple, practical, little known secrets on how to move from Debt to thriving.

Do whatever it takes -Debt and procrastination are thieves that steal your life of abundance.

Meet the Speakers:

David van Noppen

David van Noppen

Co-founder | Owner | Radio Host

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David, owner and co-founder of More Than Enough Financial Fitness, is passionate to see people find financial hope and freedom to pursue their God-given dreams and goals. He is a financial coach, certified More Than Enough coach trainer, licensed mortgage specialist, blogger, speaker and father of five. David's journey in the financial industry started in 2008, when he became one of the co-creators of the More Than Enough Financial Fitness coaching program. After 20 years of working, managing and running his family automotive business, this system became an outflowing of those years of experience, alongside a newly ignited passion to see people set free from the burden of debt. After helping 100 families pay off over four million dollars of debt in four years, he was contracted by the Canadian National Christian Foundation to develop the Freedom Initiative, a national debt relief coaching program staffed by local churches to bring financial freedom to their communities. He returned to More Than Enough in 2013 as a mortgage agent and coach, and now as owner, continues to lead the business in coaching, mortgages, tax planning, and equipping and training.

Rebecca van Noppen

Rebecca van Noppen

Teacher | Communicator | Radio Host

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Rebecca is a teacher, communicator, blogger, and prayer team co-ordinator for the More Than Enough team. She works alongside her husband David van Noppen teaching, training and leading workshops. Together they lead “Let’s Talk Money” and Unleashed boot camp sessions.

She has spent the past 16 years as a home educator of her five children, and before that spent time as a reporter and editor with a community newspaper along the St. Lawrence River. She loves praying with clients and for clients. She has created a coaching workbook with David called Unleashed - a 10 session practical program that links money issues to heart issues with God. Her passion and heart’s desire is to see people discover who God is and how He wants all of His kids to grow in love, power and truth. She believes that growing in relationship and friendship with God is the key to debt-free living. She wants people to discover for themselves that God is their “More Than Enough”.

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