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No one wants a mortgage. It’s a home we want.

For most of us, the only education we receive about mortgages, is by financial institutions. This is done through media, advertising, and the loans officers we meet with. The problem is that the purpose of these messages is not to increase our savings, but to increase the profits of the shareholders. Commonly held beliefs about mortgage products generally are not in our best interest. We are not common and neither are you.

FOCUS – Your focus is our focus

Visioning.  Strategy.  Savings.  Healthy spending plan.   A mortgage aligned with your life on purpose.

  • We are not sales people but financial fitness consultants
  • We  are licenced mortgage agents with specialized training
  • We have access to over 30 different lenders to select from
  • We advocate for your savings

At More Than Enough, our team works for you, not a financial institution. Every step that we take is designed to provide you with sound financial counsel and products in line with your financial fitness goals.

The more you save, the more you benefit.

The more you save on interest, the more available for giving.  The more you save, the more people you tell, the more More Than Enough can reach and help. Spread the good news of hope for today and freedom for tomorrow.

We are on the same page.

As you introduce us to others, we all prosper together.

Refinancing and Consolidating

People refinance and consolidate for any number of reasons: investment, the purchase of a second property, and the common practise of using equity in a home for other purposes.

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With over 30 lenders, the most competitive rates in the market are available to More Than Enough staff. We will match the rate and the product with you and your needs.

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Mortgage Renewal

80 per cent of people re-sign with their existing mortgage institution. Financial institutions frequently send mortgage renewals with a higher interest rate than the norm, in hopes clients will send them back signed and committed without looking into better rates.

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First-time Home Buyers

As first-time home buyers you want to be well-informed, educated and guided to a home purchase that suits your lifestyle. At More Than Enough we can guide you, as a trusted resource, and walk you through the process.

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At More Than Enough we have your best interest at heart, and we will help you to navigate your way through the complexities of owning a mortgage. Here are some of the biggest mortgage myths we’ve found.

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Part of our strategy is to help you walk away from these statistics, get rid of your mortgage and live in freedom.
Your mortgage is likely to be the most expensive investment of your life, and if you don’t do that well and find one that suits your lifestyle, the rest of your life may be in financial chaos.

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Walking through the mortgage process can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. But at More Than Enough, we walk with you, educate and encourage you to make the best financial decisions for the present and the future. You are not alone.

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