Financial Fitness Seminar

With this workshop, you will discover simple, practical, little known secrets to move from debt to thriving. This workshop offers a guide to tackling debt using both Biblical and practical tools.

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Communication Workshop

This workshop outlines practical communication tools for couples and offers practical tips as couples navigate the difficult subject of finances. By communicating about finances unity is created which flows into the family, the church and our communities.

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Purpose Workshop

How does knowing your purpose impact your finances? The answer may be surprising, but without a purpose our finances suffer. This workshop explores rethinking your purpose and your finances.

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Commitment Workshop

What will the journey cost? This workshop explores the cost of commitment and what it will take for us to move from bondage to freedom and from debt to hope.

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Youth Seminar

Financial education begins from a young age, whether it is explicit or not! Dave and his daughter Mercedes combine their experiences to talk to youth of all ages about the struggles they are facing or will face bring a fresh perspective to this sometimes dry conversation.

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