If the light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train headed in your direction, you had better get off the track.

For the past 40 years, financial institutions have educated us that credit is that answer to every need.  I fact, they have taught us what to need so that we no longer understand the difference between our needs and wants. “You deserve a vacation. Buy a new car and stop wasting money on maintenance.  Save money with no interest or payments and you can have it now. Get a line of credit, just in case and leave those rainy day worries behind. Entrust your future to us, we’ll provide the student loans.

The earlier they can get us on their track, the better.  Did you know that there is a shopping Barbie that comes with a Visa? Issuing credit cards to 19 year old students with no income?  Really! Today, a large portion of our population no longer believes we can live without credit. We wonder on to the track innocently at a leisurely pace grateful for the transportation to our goals.  Before long we are madly pumping the handles of our rail cart and going nowhere fast. Truth is, you’ll never outrun the train.

Simply, switch tracks. Your life and your family depend on it.

Check out these two videos….which one will you choose.

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