The Why and How of Debt: Contentment and Coveting

In the second show of the series, Dave and Reb talk about coveting and contentment and the journey from a heart of complaint to a heart of gratitude. Coveting, envy and jealousy often lead us into financial trouble and debt because we will pursue what others have, even when we don’t have the money.

“God commands us not to covet,” Reb says during the show. “And coveting is the one commandment of the 10, given to Moses and the people of Israel, that deals with heart and attitude issues. Coveting leads to breaking some of the other ten, like stealing, adultery, murder and perjury. Coveting can lead to such trouble.”

Contentment is the antidote but must be pursued through intentional gratitude and intentional time with God, fostering a relationship with Him. In Hebrews 13:5, God tells us to keep our lives free from the love of money. He also says that we can be content with what we have because He, Himself has promised that He won’t leave us or forsake us.

“The beautiful part to this is that we find contentment in God Himself,” Dave says. “He is the answer to our coveting, envy and jealousy problems. It is all about His presence.”

Dave and Reb talk about these heart issues, along with some practical tips to help you deal with these issues in your lives. Take a listen.