Ray’s Journey of Simplicity

Simplifying our lives is not always an easy task. Some of us find ourselves doing it voluntarily as we downsize or get rid of the possessions that fill our homes. But sometimes the journey to simplicity and minimalizing is part of outside circumstances, and is thrust upon us.

On “Let’s Talk Money with Dave and Reb” this week, Ray Borg, executive director of Compass Canada, shares a journey he and his wife Arlene walked when he left his job and they lived off a part-time salary.

In that 14-month season, they learned to draw even closer to the Lord and rely on Him as their source. They had to look at their spending plan, and decided to have a season of “no spending”. They gave up many things, including cable and their subscription to their Saturday morning newspaper, which they really loved.

Ray says there were a lot of hard choices to make from big things to small, but they learned patience and simplicity. They learned to communicate about money in ways they had never done before, and the more they did so, the more unity grew in their marriage.

“In these seasons it is important to ask the Lord what it is we are to learn,” Ray says, and adds that when we do, we experience God and intimacy with Him in ways we never imagined.

To hear Ray and Arlene’s encouraging story, listen in.