“ MTE teaches a system that works!

It requires diligence and consistency to develop habits as God’s stewards.Putting every dollar in a specific category helps you to know EXACTLY where your money goes. Eight-week planning gives me peace of mind because money is available when needed. Another 8-week period comes fast enough to adjust your spending.”

– Lynette

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Doing Business with God

It was a day I won’t ever forget. April 3, 2010 was a day I was called out to submit and serve our loving God in a way I had not yet done. I was seeking God for guidance on how, as His son and as a businessman, I was to pursue His Kingdom. His answer came simply.... read more

Change is Upon Us!

Change is upon us, whether we like it or not: kids grow up, parents age, our boss leaves, new laws are made. The list of changes facing us each day in our personal and professional lives can be endless, especially with the economic uncertainty at play in our nation.... read more

Experiencing Financial Breakthrough


“This is a battle for your heart, not your wallet or bank account!”

What is financial breakthrough? Many of us, in Christian circles, hear those words occasionally, but what do they really mean?

This week, Dave and Reb look at this topic in light of King David’s struggles and victories in ancient Israel. How did David, the shepherd king, come into so many victories? In looking at a story found in 2 Samuel 23, the van Noppens share about one of David’s mighty men, and how he defended a field of lentils and overcame a Philistine troop.

King David found his victories by not only waiting on the Lord and trusting His ways, but by being surrounded by 37 strong men who stood by his side and fought for the Lord.

Today, we need the same thing: to walk with the Lord, but also have people who are willing to stand with us until we see the victory.

Rebecca is passionate about finding those people, but also about becoming that kind of person as well. She also encourages us to understand that financial breakthrough comes when we understand who the real enemy is.

“This is a battle for your heart, not your wallet or bank account!” she says. “It is time we start to understand that the resources of God are threatened every day because we don’t understand what we are up against, and that this is a battle for hearts not money. God wants our hearts not our money. It is time to awaken out of sleep about this. Your spouse is not your enemy. The enemy of God is your enemy. He won’t hold back to undo you anyway he can, because he knows what you were born for – intimacy with God the Father. He will lie, kill, steal, and destroy you to keep you from God, and keep you from others. He will do what he can to keep you focused on the temporal so the truth of the eternal seems only a myth.”

Dave and Reb strongly believe it is time to stop judging one another, and start standing with one another. To hear their conversation, tune in.

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